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Wharton Emerging Markets Club is an on-campus student organization that shines the spotlight on the world's newest and most attractive investment destinations. We serve as a platform for students to research and share business trends in emerging markets, while exploring specific industry verticals and cultures across these regions.

The club is divided into five emerging regions, namely: Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle-East & North Africa, as well as Asia-Pacific. We evaluate all business trends and themes across our three verticals, Technology, Finance, and Infrastructure, and closely follow political developments. Each of our five regions are covered by regional heads who collate economic data, industry research, and relevant news to provide our members with the most accurate snapshot of the parts of the world they are monitoring.

From attracting engaging guest speakers and experts spanning business leaders and policymakers, to hosting lively panel discussions and debates, we are committed to creating an exciting program for our members to engage with the most compelling growth markets of our time.

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